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From money strategies, financial literacy, learning to think differently, exploring mindset techniques, creating empowering goals and developing helpful habits to gaining purpose and clarity in your life and business and believing you are enough.

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Do you understand your relationship with money?

The key to creating a solid foundation for improving your relationship with money, is to take a deep dive into understanding how you actually 'do' money.  Your secret weapon here is discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes®️ (known affectionately as 'SMA').

My clients call this knowledge a 'real game-changer' so even if you're not ready to work any further on your money, just  DO THIS!   

You can find out your archetypes by clicking the link below:

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Hi, I'm Jo and I'm here to help you build a healthy relationship with money, so you can earn the income you desire and boost your profits which will enable you to achieve financial freedom, i.e. start living life on your terms.

If you want to read a little more about my journey and my money credentials you can here >> About

But for now let's discover the ways you can access the tools available ..... 

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No matter your current level of income you need to ensure that your money mindset is empowering and not hindering you.

The best time to start this money mindset work is before you hit 6-figures, but equally if you have managed to hit 7-figures you still need to ensure that you have solid foundations.

The 6-Figure Money Mindset Academy has online courses and mindset toolkits to help you develop your relationship with money. 

As a Certified Mindset Coach and Sacred Money Archetypes®️, I can also help you rapidly develop a healthy relationship with money and remove the challenges that are holding you back from generating the financial independence you desire. 

If you are serious about creating profits and growing your business then you will need to know and understand you business numbers.

This goes beyond just preparing figures for the authorities, your financials provide valuable insights into your business, which helps you in the pursuit of your business goals, and helps with financial decision making for the future.

The Know Your Business Numbers Vault has online courses and toolkits to help you prepare your own figures (if you want to), and understand what your financials are telling you.  

The Financial Fitness accounting team can help you prepare your financials and provide you with the analysis you need to grow your business focusing on making increased profits.  We can even prepare your year end financial data too.

Now you might be wondering where to start - working on your mindset or the more practical side of your financials.  If this is you, then my recommendation is to think about what is troubling you most.

  • If your accounting data is a mess, and you have no clue as to how your business is doing then now is the time to take control and get to Know Your Business Numbers.
  • If you have a lot of negative emotions when it comes to thinking about or dealing with money then now is the time to release the fear of money and work on upgrading your mindset.

BUT here's the thing, it doesn't really matter which you start with... the key is starting. 

For the online, do it yourself support:

In the Know Your Business Numbers support, you'll not only work on the practical elements of your business finances but you'll have access to money mindset work, with uncovering your money personality.   And in the 6-Figure Money Mindset support, you'll not only have access to key tools and techniques to work on your mindset, but you'll start to work simple money strategies.

For one to one support, then book an action plan call, and we can decide together what the best course of action is for you and your business.

Here's what some customers have to say...

  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    “My financial situation before working with Jo can only be described as "money chaos". I was very good at burying my head in the sand & hoping that everything would sort itself out, however I had got to the stage where I was making the final leap of faith and leaving the security of a regular and well paid job to follow my dreams and passion with the freedom to work around the family.
    August was the first month with only one income coming into the household and the children were off school so I was juggling work and childcare. Despite this, I secured paying clients & had a regular stream of income with clients signing up at my increased rate. By clearing my limiting beliefs I had secured more income in the first week of August than in the whole month of July.
    The best personal result I've had from the program is understanding mine and my husbands money archetypes and the challenges that this brings. It has provided a safe space to be open and honest about our financial situation and put practical, empowering steps in place to control money rather than allowing money to control us. The increased self awareness has been empowering."”

    Accendo Coaching & Training

  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    “Lots have happened since the course and I am viewing things in a different light than what I used to.

    Even though I have manifested some amazing things in my life I feel your course gave me a push to do more and also it was lovely to spend time with like-minded people.”

  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    ““She knows everything and anything to do with financial management and money mindset. Highly recommended! ””

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