Money DNA - VIP coaching

All sessions are via Zoom and are typically 60 minutes.  Please however leave 90 minutes for each call, we don't want to end the call with unfinished business! 

The sessions list below is for guidance only and represents the structure of the program, which will be tailored to the individual needs of the client as necessary.

Session 1: Crack Your Money Code. Learn about your top money archetypes, and discover how they are holding you back from achieving the financial success you desire. 

Session 2: Create Your Money Compass

Session 3: Discover your money voice, become empowered to ditch your excuses and break through your money boundaries.

Session 4: Create a powerful money story - let's hit the reset button.

Session 5: Shatter your glass money ceiling. Create powerful money ceiling breakthroughs. 

Session 6: Create a brighter future.

* Sacred Money Archetypes is a registered trademark of Kendall Summerhawk, who has licenced Financial Fitness Instructor Ltd.

GBP 2,497.00

Accounts & Tax Power Hour

This power hour session is for you if:

~ You've completed your bookkeeping using Sage, or Quickbooks (or any other accounting software), but have queries you need to talk through before submitting your tax return?

~ Would like someone to walk you through submitting your self-assessment tax return?

~ Have a list of questions about what you can or can not claim?

~ Unsure where to post certain transactions in your accounts.

The session will be conducted via Zoom or Skype.

GBP 99.00

30-Day Money Detox

GBP 77.00
GBP 47.00