Financial Fitness - VIP Day

During the VIP day, we can look at a number of situations, to suit you:

> Sort out your financial paperwork (I'll send instructions for you to start this before the day) - decluttering helps to alleviate the anxiety around dealing with money issues.  Some people understandably can't or don't want to face their financial paperwork.  If you are serious about getting your money situation in order then you'll need to.  I can spend some time with you helping you to do this on the day if needed.  You'll just need to have collected it all together and bring it in a box (hopefully it will all fit in one box!

> Prepare your money plan - looking at your financial goals, and making a plan for your money to help get you there.  We can make a plan for savings, look at what you will need in retirement, devise a debt repayment plan or a mixture of all the above.  Every one has a different set of circumstances. 

> money mindset - looking at how you think about money and how you can start to change this. Rewriting your money story.  Evaluating your spending habits and look at ways of becoming more mindful.

I only have a number of places available each month so it's vital that you message me before booking, to check availability.  Please email me - 

The VIP day will generally be held at a venue near to your location or between your location and mine. The reason for keeping it away from your premises is that you need to concentrate on your money situation without any distractions.  My location is at S65 (South Yorkshire) so if we are to meet mid-way then we need a location that we can both travel to which is no more than one hours drive. 

The price includes lunch and all refreshments.


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