Financial Fitness - Get Smart About Your Money

  • STUCK in a financial rut?
  • DROWNING in debt?
  • UNABLE to organise your money?
  • AFRAID/EMBARRASSED to check your online banking?
  • CONFUSED about where your hard-earned dosh disappears to each month?

 Join the club! 

We’re all guilty (or have been at some point) of impersonating an ostrich when it comes to sorting out our finances. And whether we have too much or too little of the lovely stuff, or we just haven’t got a handle on it all, brushing our financial stresses under the carpet will catch up with us eventually.


I know, because there was once a time when I wasn’t in control of my money!

Yes me! I was a Chartered Accountant and an Independent Financial Adviser, and my finances and paperwork got into a real mess and crying out for a declutter.  Like many people the banks were throwing loan facilities and credit cards at me and I got myself into significant debt, I let my finances control me and I had no significant savings plans in place to support my future. My spending habits needed reigning in before it was too late.  And I knew that if I didn’t start creating some realistic budgets (and quick) that everything I was working towards (professionally and financially) could be easily whipped away.

 It wasn’t really the best advert for a financial expert, was it?

 But many women (me included) have complex relationships with money. Many of us have money hangovers from past money mistakes or our parents’ attitude towards money – most of which no longer serve us.

 This book is based on the program that I use with my personal coaching clients 


 So what's discussed in the book: 

  • Creating a starting point – what’s your money mindset?
  • Start rewriting our money story - examine your relationship with money and rewrite the stuff that’s been holding your bank balance hostage.
  • Financial values – discover how to work out your financial values
  • Financial vision & goals – create those exciting financial goals and ensure they take you on that big, bold vision you’ve laid out for yourself.
  • Assets – what do you own and how much are your assets worth?
  • Liabilities – how much debt are you sitting on?
  • Spending – find out where your money goes each month and how to get a better handle on it.
  • Debt elimination – create a realistic plan to pay off your debt (without being afraid)
  • Money game plan – and after all that learning, you’ll now be equipped to create your one-page money game plan which links your financial goals with your values, and provides a realistic look at where you are now and where you’re headed.

You'll also get access to the Financial Fitness Club membership site which has a number of free resources to help you with your money-know-how.