Financial Fitness Club

In the Financial Fitness Club membership site, we cover money mindset, personal money plans and understanding business accounts.

You'll have access to the free training programs and resources as well as discounts on the paid courses!

There is a new challenge each month, based on one of the 3 areas.

Financial fitness club

An all-round approach

Getting to grips with your financial situation can be tricky at times, in the Financial Fitness Club we've got you covered!


Action starts with the right mindset towards money and wealth. We get you in the correct head-space from the start.

Personal money plans

Start taking action to eliminate debt and start saving.  Organise your money so that it fulfills your goals and aspirations for the future.

Understand Business Accounts

Learn how to interpret what your accounting data is telling you, ensure you are pricing to your true worth and are making informed business decisions.

Financial fitness club

Facebook Group

In additional to the membership site, there is also a Facebook group where you can find daily motivational posts (affirmations and gratitude towards money and wealth) along with a short weekly training video or Q&A session on each of the topics - money mindset, personal money plans or understanding your business accounts.