Organise Your Money in 8 Simple Steps




  • STUCK in a financial rut?
  • DROWNING in debt?
  • UNABLE to organise your money?
  • AFRAID/EMBARRASSED to check your online banking?
  • CONFUSED about where your hard-earned dosh disappears to each month?

Does the thought of wading through your bank statements, opening your credit card bill, trying to make your money last longer, or thinking of savings plans BRING YOU OUT IN A RASH?

Join the club! 

We’re all guilty (or have been at some point) of impersonating an ostrich when it comes to sorting out our finances. And whether we have too much or too little of the lovely stuff, or we just haven’t got a handle on it all, brushing our financial stresses under the carpet will catch up with us eventually.

I know, because there was once a time when I wasn’t in control of my money!

Yes me! I was a Chartered Accountant and an Independent Financial Adviser, and my finances and paperwork got into a real mess and crying out for a declutter.  Like many people the banks were throwing loan facilities and credit cards at me and I got myself into significant debt, I let my finances control me and I had no significant savings plans in place to support my future. My spending habits needed reigning in before it was too late.  And I knew that if I didn’t start creating some realistic budgets (and quick) that everything I was working towards (professionally and financially) could be easily whipped away.

It wasn’t really the best advert for a financial expert, was it?

But many women (me included) have complex relationships with money. Many of us have money hangovers from past money mistakes or our parents’ attitude towards money – most of which no longer serve us.

Financial overwhelm can grab us when we’re least expecting it, and if we leave even the smallest of issues to fester, we can attract all kinds of unwanted and unexpected challenges.

So how about we stop neglecting our finances and money muddles in their tracks?

Join this 8-step online program and learn the secrets I used.  Transform your money story, create your personal money game plan, unleash you money confidence and get really excited about taking charge of your finances?

Because when your money stuff is sorted, and your financial goals are set, and you flip your money mindset switch to positive, who knows what powerful changes this can make to your financial future?

And when you get a handle on where you are with your personal finances, you can reduce your money worry, stress and debts, create a first-rate money plan, become a money maverick and kiss your ostrich habits goodbye!

So what’s included in the Financial Fitness: Get Smart With Your Money online program?

FREE copy of my book Financial Fitness: Get Smart With Your Money 

8 easy to follow modules where we’ll be covering all these gems to get your money game plan working for you: 

  • Get Ready - Get all your financial paperwork organised and have a financial declutter.
  • Get Your Head in the Game – (module 1) - What’s your money mindset? Examine your relationship with money and rewrite the stuff that’s been holding your bank balance hostage.
  • Financial Values and Vision – (module 2) -  Discover how to work out your financial values
  • Where Are You Now – (module 3) - Do you understand your flows of income? What do your own and how much are your assets worth? How much debt are you sitting on?
  • Current Money Allocation – (module 4) - Find out where your money goes each month and how to get a better handle on it.
  • Financial Goals – (module 5) - Create those exciting financial goals and ensure they take you on that big, bold vision you’ve laid out for yourself.
  • Abundance Allocation – (module 6) - Work out how you plan to spend your abundance in the future to ensure that you meet your financial goals, whilst still enjoying life now.
  • Debt Elimination – (module 7) - Create a realistic plan to pay off your debt (without being afraid).
  • Protecting Your Future - (module 8) - Ensure you know how much you need to live on in retirement and how to start making plans so that you are not living as a pauper when you retire.  
  • Money Game Plan – After all that learning, you’ll now be equipped to create your one-page money game plan which links your financial goals with your values, and provides a realistic look at where you are now and where you’re headed.

Access to a private, confidential Facebook group community where you’ll be able to speak with other women who are working towards their money maverick wings (and, of course, I’ll be around to answer any burning questions).

There will be a live round of discussions starting 6th September, via Zoom and the Facebook group.

You will have lifetime access to the materials.

And by the time you complete the 8-step programme, you'll have created your own:


What’s the cost?

£49.50 monthly for 6 months or one payment of £237

$63.25 monthly for 6 months or one payment of $315

It's really a small investment for what could be the catalyst for your happier financial future.

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Why Jo?

In addition to her financial education, she’s authored several journals and books about finances, taxes and abundance (and most recently co-authored The Abundance Factor with Law of Attraction Guru, Joe Vitale).

Her journey to financial success hasn’t always been smooth – despite her two decades in the financial industry.  Why?  Well, like many smart women in business, she didn’t grasp the importance of adopting a positive money mindset. So despite her extensive financial industry experience, she found herself with a business on the verge of financial collapse in 2009.

Thankfully, this pivotal time led her to discover the Law of Attraction – the key to her biggest financial breakthrough yet - and she has never looked back.

Equipped with a new money story and an abundance strategy that helped her avoid bankruptcy, become debt-free and turn her finances around forever, Jo knew she’d discovered her real vocation.

So in 2015, she founded her Financial Fitness Instructor business and has been sharing her secrets to financial success and abundance ever since through 1-2-1 coaching, an online VIP Financial Fitness Club and her books and programmes.

Her mission? To support savvy women from all over the world to become financially fit, create a healthy money mindset and blitz those limiting beliefs that have held them back for too long.

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