Are you finally ready to unlock your money DNA and create the financial freedom and abundance that you desire?

You are in the right place.

Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes ®

Develop your awareness of your top 3 archetypes, so you can play to your strengths, use your gifts and ensure your challenges don't limit your success.

Conscious Money Compass

 Elicit your Money Values, and develop your Conscious Money Compass in order to get your powerful transformation started.

Discover Your Money Voice

 How to Discover Your Money Voice so you can stop making excuses and create money boundary breakthroughs.

Powerful Money Story Makeover

Press re-set by creating a powerful money story makeover which will help shift your money story perspective and create a new more empowering money story. 

Shatter your Glass Money Ceiling

Create money ceiling breakthroughs and powerful mindset shifts. Discover your limiting beliefs and start working on clearing these beliefs. 

Create A Brighter Future

Use your money DNA to ensure you live in alignment to your core money values, whilst creating financial freedom for you and your family.

"My financial situation before working with Jo can only be described as "money chaos". I was very good at burying my head in the sand & hoping that everything would sort itself out, however I had got to the stage where I was making the final leap of faith and leaving the security of a regular and well paid job to follow my dreams and passion with the freedom to work around the family.
August was the first month with only one income coming into the household and the children were off school so I was juggling work and childcare. Despite this, I secured paying clients & had a regular stream of income with clients signing up at my increased rate. By clearing my limiting beliefs I had secured more income in the first week of August than in the whole month of July.
The best personal result I've had from the program is understanding mine and my husbands money archetypes and the challenges that this brings. It has provided a safe space to be open and honest about our financial situation and put practical, empowering steps in place to control money rather than allowing money to control us. The increased self awareness has been empowering."

Claire C

VIP Program - Unlock Your Money DNA & Blitz Your Money Blocks

Do any of these ring true for you:

JO Logo.pngUnder-earning, as you don't feel you have the power to charge your worth?

JO Logo.pngConstantly hitting a glass ceiling? Even when you've placed the ceiling there yourself?

JO Logo.pngFrustrated about not achieving your financial goals?

JO Logo.pngFeel like you are teetering on the edge of financial oblivion?

JO Logo.pngYour money is controlling you.

JO Logo.pngBurying your head in the sand, hoping everything will work out okay?

JO Logo.pngSick of the money struggle?

JO Logo.pngYour life is full of money dramas? 

Photo of Joanne - Sept 19.pngYou're not alone, the sad truth is that many women in business fail to be in control of their money.

There are three reasons for this:

1. They do not understanding their money personality traits (money DNA);

2. They have fears and limiting beliefs around money, wealth and success; and

3. They do not understand the impact of careful money management.

Money management skills are relatively easy to learn, with the complex work undertaken by professional advisers. The real impact to be able to upgrade your financial success comes from working with your money personality traits, connecting with your sacred strengths and unique gifts whilst  understanding and diminishing the effects  of your fears and limitations. 

Discover the secrets to creating a wealth mindset, and create the financial freedom you desire by working with your sacred strengths and gifts, and by transforming your challenges and limitations. 

Through a unique blend of self-awareness, money management know-how and belief clearing techniques, you will be able to re-set your mind for wealth and abundance. 

Here's How:

Taster Session


Normally £147

Money Code Kickstarter.pngMoney Code Kick-starter

During this 90-min coaching session via Zoom, you'll discover your Sacred Money Archetypes® so you can play to your strengths, use your gifts and ensure your challenges don't limit your success.

Access to online details of all 8 of the Sacred  Money Archetypes®

Coaching sessions available during the day UK timezone.



Normally £397

Unlock Your Money DNA.pngUnlock Your Money DNA Program 

Join this eCourse where you will be guided through the process of understanding how you 'do' money, and explore in detail your top 3 money archetypes.

Officially launches on 2nd January 2020



If you are ready to take significant action and are committed to changing your money mindset then this more in-depth, tailored experience, package is for you:


Normally £2,497. Payment options available.

Unlock Money DNA and Blitz Money Blocks.pngUnlock Your Money DNA + Blitz Your Money Blocks

Experience a powerful transformation of your relationship with money, set new financial boundaries, create money ceiling breakthroughs and powerful mindset shifts so that you can create a brighter, wealthier future for you and your family. 

Explore your wealth mindset & money challenges with 12 one-to-one coaching sessions via Zoom. *

Clear your limiting emotions and key money blocks  **


You'll receive access to the training in the eCourse (Unlock Your Money DNA)

* typically your money mindset will be reset within 10 sessions, the remaining sessions can be booked in the following three months as you explore your business with your new awareness of your money traits and net money mindset.

** will include sessions using Time Line Therapy 

Meet Your Host:

Hello I'm Jo and I'm an (ex) Chartered Accountant, business owner and Certified Mindset Coach. I've also authored several journals and books about finances, taxes and abundance, including The Abundance Factor with Law of Attraction guru, Dr Joe Vitale. 

A little bit about my money story ....

Financial ruin, it doesn't generally happen overnight, it just feels like it!  My world really did feel like it was at an end. One minute I had a high flying career, was travelling the world as a coach, working in a highly regarded professional.  I had the 6-bed house, Mercedes + sports car and was holidaying in 5* locations several times a year. The next minute I wasn't.

I was stood there, aged 42, on my parents doorstep needing somewhere to live. I had gone from £1million net worth to £45k in credit card debt with £60k negative equity, and full of shame.

Burnout had left me too ill to work and my business partner had left with a sizeable chunk of the business cash flow. Looking back, declaring myself bankrupt would have been a wise move. Instead I opted to get myself back into work, devise a repayment plan and more importantly set myself up so I never got in a financial pickle again. 

That's where the Money Mindset work came in. Money is an emotional subject and how we think about it is so important. However, it doesn't often have a quick fix, even with the help of the Law of Attraction. It took me over 3 years to clear my debts and 7 years on, I own property, have no mortgage, and bought my BMW for cash.

 This is why I'm working with women in business - to help them improve their relationship with money so that they can avoid their version of financial ruin  and achieve a life of abundance.

* Sacred Money Archetypes is a registered trademark of Kendall Summerhawk, who has licenced Financial Fitness Instructor Ltd.