2022 Financial Fitness Planner!

Download the Financial Fitness Planner and start organizing your money in 2022.

This planner will help you kickstart your financial fitness journey, and start to alleviate your financial anxiety and create a financial foundation on which to build a wealthy future.

(From Jo Outram, Author, Certified Mindset Coach & Money Expert)

** Limited Availability - Download the planner now! **

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The 2022 Financial Fitness Planner Will Help You To:

Gain Clarity and Focus on Your Money Situation

Understand how you currently think about money and your current financial situation.

Financial Vision for the Future

Create a financial vison for your future and create money goals that will make 2022 a significant year in your financial journey.

Money Game Plan

Create a plan for your money so that are spending in align with your goals, have a plan to eliminate debt quickly and are saving as much as you can.

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The 2022 Financial Fitness Planner includes space for:

  • Financial vision for the future
  • Goals, in relation to improving your finances and taking you further down the road to financial freedom
  • Plan for your budgeted spending
  • Plan for eliminating your debt
  • Plan for your saving goals

A little summary of my money credentials ....

Let's go back thirty years, I trained to be a Chartered Accountant with one of the big 5 UK firms, and shortly after qualifying moved to a local firm of accountants and started working with small businesses.

 I become the youngest (at the time) female partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, before venturing out on my solo journey just prior to turning 30.

 A couple of years later and I became an Independent Financial Advisor and mortgage broker so I could help clients with their personal finances. I started coaching in 2005, helping accountants in UK, USA & Australia to develop their businesses.

 I became the youngest Chairman of a UK College, which undertook a £75million capital project during my tenure.

 Money and I nearly got divorced. I hit rock bottom financially. Then I worked on paying off all my debts, and built a solid financial foundation, and worked on my emotions and beliefs around money.

 Spent five years as a Finance Director, helping build a business from £350K to £3m in turnover.

Trained as a Sacred Money Archetypes® coach (money personality profiling), and studied with the Mindset Coaching Academy to become a Certified Mindset Coach.


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