Are you:

  • Ready to make more money?
  • Save more money?
  • Reach your dream business goals?

Then Financial Goal Getters Academy is for you!

Whether you are a novice when it comes to dealing with finances or just need a little help along your way, I've got you covered.

  • At least twice a month, there will be a Q&A call, so I help you implement the training and get over any hurdles
  • You will have access to a bank of guided meditations and hypnosis recordings to help you overcome the challenges of your money personality traits, to save better, or to repay debt or release your money worries.

In fact let me tell you what's included:

The doors are now open at an early bird investment of £27 per month instead of £47 per month. 









Here's how it works...

 When you join The Financial Fitness Society, I will GIVE you access to the following foundational training:

Create A Wealthy Mindset

eCourse to help you create the right foundation for a wealthy mindset.

  • Work out where you are headed
  • Understand how you think about money and your wealth set point
  • Unlock your money DNA
  • Limiting beliefs - how to locate them and overcome them
  • Money strategy - take the emotions out of dealing with the practicalities of your money.

Financial Dashboard

Create a financial dashboard for your business and personal finances.  Includes instructional video and supporting excel spreadsheet.

Sacred Money Archetypes®

Unlock your money DNA using the Sacred Money Archetypes money profiling and become aware of where the challenges of your money DNA are showing up in the operation of your business.

Being a member of the Financial Goal Getters Academy, and of course, doing the work and taking the necessary inspired action will give you:

  • Create flow in your money-making activities so you operate your business with grace & ease
  • Make better informed financial decisions
  • Helps you set the right prices and charge what you are worth
  • Ensures you keep the money you work hard to generate
  • Directs you where to focus on for growth
  • Helps predict and grow profitability
  • Clarity and control of costs
  • Master your money mindset
  • Ensure that your business rewards you for your effort
  • Confidence that you are in control of your financial situation
  • Turn money chaos into clarity
Tall Picture of Joanne

Hi there, this is Jo Outram, the Financial Fitness Instructor

A little summary of my money credentials ....

Let's go back thirty years, I trained to be a Chartered Accountant with one of the big 5 UK firms, and shortly after qualifying moved to a local firm of accountants and started working with small businesses.

 I become the youngest (at the time) female partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, before venturing out on my solo journey just prior to turning 30.

 A couple of years later and I became an Independent Financial Advisor and mortgage broker so I could help clients with their personal finances. I started coaching in 2005, helping accountants in UK, USA & Australia to develop their businesses.

 I became the youngest Chairman of a UK College, which undertook a £75million capital project during my tenure.

 Money and I nearly got divorced. I hit rock bottom financially. Then I worked on paying off all my debts, and built a solid financial foundation, and worked on my emotions and beliefs around money.

 Spent five years as a Finance Director, helping build a business from £350K to £3m in turnover.

Trained as a Sacred Money Archetypes® coach (money personality profiling), and studied with the Mindset Coaching Academy to become a Certified Mindset Coach.

This is why I’m working with women in business – to help them improve their relationship and master their money, so that they can avoid their version of financial ruin, obtain financial empowerment and accelerate the profits in their business.


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Here’s what will happen as soon as you enrol:

 Confirmation & Welcome Email

  1. Access the Private Members Area
  2. Join the Facebook group
  3. Watch the foundational money trainings
  4. Attend a LIVE Q&A session – details of the next Q&A session are in the Facebook group and the welcome page in the members area!
Enrol NOW

Who is The Financial Goal Getters Membership for?

If the following applies to YOU, then The Financial Goal Getters Academy is perfect for you!

  •  Frustrated by constantly hitting a glass-ceiling
  •  Ready to get your financial ducks in a row
  •  Want to increase your profits with grace and ease rather than hustle
  •  No longer want to feel over whelmed just thinking about dealing with your money situation
  •  Love to always charge your worth
  •  Ready to break the same old money cycle you’ve been on for years

The Financial Goal Getters Membership will give you the inspiration and practical support that will help you to create the level of financial success you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? Hopefully we have answered them here.  If not, email

Is there a minimum subscription period?

You can join for one month or stay as long as you like. No minimum term.

How long do I have access?

You get access to the content for the months you have been a member. You keep this access for as long as you have an active subscription.

Can I download the classes?

Only the ebooks, worksheets and workbooks are downloadable.

Will I be able to interact with Jo?

Yes absolutely! There are two ways you can do this. You can log on to the live Q&A sessions and use the comments feature to ask questions. There is also a weekly Q&A thread in the Facebook group.

Can I Pay with PayPal?

No sorry.  It’s not our fault. PayPal makes it really difficult to manage subscriptions via the third party software like Simplero.  We’ve found that it is best for everyone if we just use Stripe, which is a system which lets you pay via debit or credit card.

Is it right for my business?

The Financial Goal Getters Academy is designed with small-businesses in mind, whether they are just starting out or are heading towards or just surpassed the 6-figure mark. The best time to start sorting out your relationship with money is NOW, no matter where you are on your business journey.